Online Sessions with Space Dave

Using binoculars for star-gazing

My name is Dave Owen, AKA Space Dave, space educator and owner of Te Awamutu Space Centre. As part of my work I run online sessions using meeting platforms such as Zoom. I do sessions with groups all over the world at any time of day or night.

The format is usually a video conference meeting in which I begin with a short introductory presentation, followed by questions and discussion from participants. However, this is completely flexible and you can do whatever you want with the meeting time. Let me know if you have specific topics or questions you'd like to cover.

Book a session

Go to our booking page and select "Online session with Space Dave", then follow the instructions. You'll request a time and I'll do my best to accommodate. These sessions are listed as free but we rely on donations to fund this service, so please consider making a donation (either when you book or after the session).

Prepare for the session

I prefer to use Zoom but let me know if you'd rather use something else. In most cases, you schedule the meeting and invite me as a guest (tell me if you'd rather have me schedule and host it). Send me the meeting login details as soon as you have them. I don't need to be a host but you can make me one if you like.

To prepare participants for the meeting:

If all participants will be in the same room (e.g. school classroom), the teacher/leader usually chooses students to ask questions. It's nice if I can hear them but often the teacher needs to relay the questions to me.

If participants are joining separately (e.g. from their homes), then...

The session

If possible, I like to join the meeting with you and any other leaders about 10 minutes before the scheduled start time. This gives us a chance to check that everything is working, to go over the plan, and for you to tell me anything I might need to know about the participants. However, it's not critical that we do this. In some cases I join the meeting half way through; for example, you may want to do some other activities before I join.

Once we're all in the meeting and ready to start, we normally "spotlight" my video (in Zoom), or otherwise ensure that participants are always seeing my screen enlarged. I don't need to share my screen—my normal camera output contains everything we need.

I'll take questions as we go but I may not be able to answer all of them. It's helpful if you can keep an eye out for participants with their hands up, and prompt me to take questions from those who've been waiting longest. I aim to give all participants the chance to ask at least one question, ideally more.

A standard session goes for about one hour. I can often push it longer if you want to, but if I have back-to-back bookings we'll need to finish on time. If you want more than an hour, let me know when you book.


If you have questions, please contact me.