Space Shuttle STS-120 Mission Photos

Patch STS-120 Patch
Inside view of the Italian-built Harmony Node 2Harmony Node 2
Discovery moves through the doors of the Vehicle Assembly Building Vehicle Assembly Building
Discovery moves along the crawlerway toward Launch Pad 39ASunrise Rollout
A truck travels ahead of the space shuttle spraying water on the crawlerway Crawlerway
Intersection of the paths to Pad 39A and Pad 39BTowards the Pad
Discovery climbs the five percent grade to the top of the hardstand at Launch Pad 39A Hardstand
Access platforms are moved into position against the space shuttlePlatforms Extended
Discovery secured on Launch Pad 39APoised for Launch
Harmony node in Space Shuttle Discovery's payload bayHarmony node
Rendezvous and docking operationsDocking approach
Rendezvous and docking operationsDocking approach
Space Shuttle Discovery and a Soyuz spacecraftShuttle & Soyuz
Harmony node in Space Shuttle Discovery's cargo bayHarmony in cargo bay
Doug Wheelock (left) and Scott Parazynski assisted by Paolo NespoliSpacewalk Preparation
Peggy A. Whitson (left), Paolo Nespoli, Yuri I. MalenchenkoHarmony node
Discovery docked to the Pressurized Mating Adapter (PMA-2)Discovery
European Space Agency (ESA) astronaut Paolo NespoliPaolo Nespoli
Doug Wheelock with a procedures handbook floating byDoug Wheelock
Harmony Node in temporary locationHarmony Node
Peggy Whitson and Paolo Nespoli open the hatch to the Harmony nodeHatch opening
Stephanie Wilson and a model of the Harmony nodeStephanie Wilson
Astronaut Scott ParazynskiScott Parazynski EVA 3
Damaged P6 4B solar array wing Solar array damage
Astronaut Doug WheelockDoug Wheelock
Joe Tanner and David Mothers work on possible solar array repair proceduresTanner, Mothers
Pam Melroy (left), George Zamka (bottom right), and Paolo NespoliSleeping
Daniel Tani in the Unity nodeTani sleeping
Gibbous moon, Earth's horizon and airglowGibbous moon
Scott Parazynski, EVA 4Scott Parazynski
Repaired solar array Repaired solar array
Scott Parazynski assesses his repair work during solar array deploymentSolar array deployment
Discovery docked with the International Space StationDiscovery, ISS
Paolo Nespoli asleep in the Harmony nodeNespoli sleeping
Stephanie Wilson works the controls of the Space Station Remote Manipulator SystemStephanie Wilson
Space Shuttle DiscoveryDiscovery
Space Shuttle DiscoveryDiscovery
Space Shuttle DiscoveryDiscovery
Space Shuttle DiscoveryDiscovery