Space Centre Sponsorship

We have various sponsorship options for businesses, organisations and individuals. We're flexible so feel free to make suggestions and/or offers for different types of sponsorship.

All prices include GST.

The New Zealand Display

Cost: $600 for one year or $1200 for three years.

The New Zealand Display

This is the most prestigious sponsorship option we currently have available. You'll be the exclusive sponsor for the New Zealand display (approx 5 m2), a very important part of the Space Centre.

What you get:

Astronaut Suits (Costumes)

Cost: $500 for one year or $1000 for three years. This is for the whole display (not just one suit). You'll be promoted as the person or organisation who is providing these suits for people to wear for free.

Astronaut costumes

These dress-up costumes are popular with children and adults alike. Almost every family will look at this display and consider wearing a costume. This sponsorship option is especially suitable for businesses that target families with children under 13 years old, although it would be fine for any sponsor.

What you get:

Astronomy Wall of Fame

Cost: $400 for one year or $800 for three years.

Wall of Fame

A classy display for the discerning sponsor, the wall of fame keeps people's attention for a long time.

What you get:

Medal Display

Cost: $250 for one year or $500 for three years.

Medals and badges

This eye-catching display is quite a talking point, and strategically positioned so it can't be missed.

What you get:

Lego Display

Cost: $250 for one year or $500 for three years.


Enormously popular with all ages, you can't go wrong being associated with a Lego display..

What you get:

Interactive Screens

Each of these screens are available for individual sponsorship. Pick which one(s) you'd like.
Cost per screen: $200 for one year or $400 for three years.

Interactive screens

This is a great way to get cheap sponsorship. Most visitors spend some time on each of these screens so you'll get good coverage for a bargain.

What you get:

Coming Soon:

Please contact us for more information about our sponsorship packages.