Visit Te Awamutu Space Centre

See what's happening at the space centre:

There are two ways to visit the Space Centre:

  1. Public open days and special events
  2. Book a private session

Location: State Highway 3, Kihikihi. See map and directions.

Adult (18+): $10.00
Children 5 - 17: $7.00
Pre-schoolers: $3.00
Virtual Reality: Demo: Free
10-minute feature with hand controls: $5.00. See our VR page for details and updates.
Wear a spacesuit: Children can wear a spacesuit costume for their visit: $1.00.
This is subject to availability - we only have a small number of suits so we're sorry if you miss out. We're working on getting more.
Presentation: A 40-minute presentation about space by one of our staff. See our list of topics for some examples. This option is normally only used for group bookings but there is no minimum number of people required for a presentation. The total cost of a presentation is $40.
IMPORTANT: If you want a presentation it is absolutely critical that you book it beforehand. We cannot organise a presentation without prior warning.
Pre-school visit

Open Days / Special Events

On public open days the Space Centre is open for casual visitors. This is ideal if you want to spend as much time as you like looking through the displays and playing with the interactive features.

Occasionally we run sessions on specific topics or to coincide with astronomical event such as eclipses. We advertise these sessions in our calendar and Facebook page.


Playing with the Space Simulator

Private Bookings

The Space Centre is perfect for Christmas functions, conferences, meetings, birthday parties, holiday programmes, etc. We take bookings for up to 100 people, although the exact number we can accommodate varies on the type of group. The cost is the same as for casual visits (see above).

As an optional extra your group can have a 40-minute presentation in our theatre room (see above).

We can do sessions any day of the week, day or night, but please book well in advance.

Other options: