Birthday Parties at the Space Centre

The Space Centre is a great venue for your birthday party. We host parties for all ages at all times of day and night. Most parties last around two hours. Our normal admission prices apply.

If you have fewer than about a dozen guests, you can have your party either during one of our public open days, or you can make a private booking outside our public opening hours. For larger groups we recommend a private booking.

IMPORTANT: Bookings outside our normal opening hours have a minimum charge of $100.00 (roughly equal to 4 adults and 8 children).

What Happens at a Space Centre Party

It's completely flexible but the following plan works well for most parties:

  1. We begin with a short introduction from one of our staff. Questions and discussions about space are encouraged.
  2. Guests are then free to explore the Space Centre, looking at the displays and having turns on the interactive activities, including our VR headsets.
  3. At any time you can gather the guests for food (see below), presents, etc.
  4. Finally, guests can have another play while adults pack up and prepare to leave.

Times / Numbers: Bookings can be made for any time of day or night. There is no minimum number of guests but if you book outside our normal opening hours a $100.00 minimum charge applies. The maximum number of people we can comfortably accommodate for a party is about 40.

Food / Catering: We don't offer catering ourselves but you're welcome to bring your own food. We have a kitchen with a Zip for boiling water, a microwave oven, a conventional oven, and tables and chairs for eating. We can recommend local caterers if you like (a popular and easy option is to order pizza and have it delivered).

Telescopes: It is sometimes possible for us to look through the telescopes but due to weather, street lights and other factors, it's only about a third of the time. Please note that we only recommend this for children over the age of 7 as younger children tend to have trouble seeing anything and it usually ends in disappointment. In any case it's never a good idea to build up expectations about seeing through a telescope — treat it as a bonus if it happens.

Helpful tip: It's easiest if guests arrive together, or at least fairly close to the same time. Try to avoid guests arriving before the birthday child.

To book a party, please contact us with the date(s) and time you'd prefer.

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