How much will it cost to go into space?

Short answer: Within the next decade you may be able to book a flight into space for around $250,000 USD. Within a few more decades the price may drop to under $50,000. Eventually the cost will be similar to traveling to the other side of the world.

Long answer: The first person to pay for a trip into space (i.e. the first space tourist) was American businessman Dennis Tito. In 2001 he paid $20 million for an eight-day trip to the International Space Station. Over the next decade about a dozen people paid similar amounts for space holidays.

With the ongoing development of various passenger-carrying spacecraft, it was expected that trips to space would become much more common and affordable fairly quickly. However, this did not happen, for various reasons including delays with spacecraft development.

People have booked space flights aboard Virgin Galactic (Richard Branson) and possibly other companies (some are secretive) for around $250,000.

Although space tourism isn't progressing as fast as many people would like, it is on track to become a reality. Virgin Galactic started taking bookings at US$450,000 in 2021. Blue Origin is taking bookings but prices are unclear. SpaceX is in a good position to take regular bookings.

Space tourism is still for the rich, but prices for people on average wages in western countries will happen eventually.