Space Shuttle STS-122 Mission Photos

Crew at KSC Crew at KSC
Mobile launch platform Mobile launcher platform
Crew walkout Crew walkout
Crew alongside NASA's Astrovan Alongside the Astrovan
View from Launch Control Center View from LCC
Administrator Michael Griffin Michael Griffin at LCC
Columbus in the aft section of the cargo bay Columbus in the cargo bay
Astronauts working in the Shuttle middeck Middeck
ISS seen from the Shuttle ISS on docking approach
Alan Poindexter greets Peggy Whitson Zero-G hug
Peggy Whitson, Stanley Love and Rex Walheim (bottom) working in the Quest Airlock Whitson, Love, Walheim
Leopold Eyharts (left), Leland Melvin and Daniel Tani (background) Eyharts, Melvin, Tani
Stanley Love in first EVA (spacewalk) Stanley Love, EVA 1
Rex Walheim Rex Walheim, EVA 1
Stanley Love Stanley Love
Rex Walheim Rex Walheim
Rex Walheim Rex Walheim
Earth airglow in the background ISS and Earth airglow
Hans Schlegel (left) and Rex Walheim are assisted by Steve Frick. Schlegel, Frick, Walheim
Rex Walheim, STS-122 mission specialist, transfers a large nitrogen tank assembly. Walheim on Canadarm2
Red ISS Hans Schlegel
First spacewalk continues Schlegel, Walheim
ESA astronaut Hans Schlegel Hans Schlegel
Hans Schlegel Hans Schlegel
Hans Schlegel, STS-122 mission specialist, works on the new Columbus laboratory. Hans Schlegel, Columbus
Leopold Eyharts inside the new Columbus module Leopold Eyharts, Columbus
Rex Walheim spacewalk Rex Walheim
Steve Frick (second right), Leland Melvin (left), Stanley Love (top) and Rex Walheim Frick, Melvin, Love, Walheim
Steve Frick works in the Harmony module. Steve Frick, Harmony
Rex Walheim works on the Columbus laboratory Walheim, Columbus
Rex Walheim installs handrails on the Columbus laboratory Walheim, Columbus
Stanley Love Stanley Love
Astonauts peer though the orbiter window Looking through window
Rex Walheim Rex Walheim
Stanley Love works on the Columbus exterior Love, Columbus
Steve Frick and Peggy Whitson assist astronaut Rex Walheim Frick, Walheim, Whitson
Steve Frick on the aft flight deck Steve Frick, view of ISS
Columbus laboratory (center right) Columbus (center right)
Columbus module Columbus laboratory
ISS ISS, Columbus
Columbus module Columbus laboratory
Daniel Tani (left) and Rex Walheim Tani, Walheim
ISS recedes Departure
Pilot Alan Poindexter Alan Poindexter
Johnson Space Center's Mission Control Center Mission Control Center
Landing Landing, touchdown
Landing Landing, parachute
Inspecting the spacecraft wheel Landing gear
STS-122 Orbit 2 flight control team Flight control team

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