Holiday Programmes at the Space Centre

Holiday programmes

NOTE: In response to the Covid-19 situation, all holiday programmes are on hold until further notice. We will also need to re-evaluate exactly what we offer before we resume.

We don't generally run our own holiday programmes but we do welcome other organisations who bring their programmes for a visit.

What happens on the day

Basically, booking a holiday programme group is just like bringing a large group of visitors on one of our public days. The children are free to explore the Space Centre, looking at displays and trying various interactive activities. This will hold the attention of most children for 1½ — 2 hours.

In addition, we can offer an audio-visual presentation that lasts about 40 minutes but usually ends up taking about an hour including questions. This is free if you book at least 20 children, otherwise there is a $40 fee.

If you want to spend longer here, you are welcome to bring your own activities or we can organise an extra staff member to run additional activities. Please ask us if you want to do this.

Cost: We are currently re-evaluating our prices for holiday programmes. Please check back or contact us for updates.

Times / Numbers: Bookings can be made for any time of day or night. The maximum number of children we can normally accommodate is about 50, although we may be able to take more depending on various factors.

Food / Catering: We don't offer catering ourselves but you're welcome to bring your own food. We have a kitchen with a Zip for boiling water, a microwave oven, and tables and chairs for eating. We can recommend local caterers if you like (a popular and easy option is to order pizza and have it delivered).

Telescopes: It is sometimes possible for us to look through the telescopes but due to weather, street lights and other factors, it's only about a third of the time. Please note that we only recommend this for children over the age of 7 as younger children tend to have trouble seeing anything and it usually ends in disappointment. In any case it's never a good idea to build up expectations about seeing through a telescope — treat it as a bonus if it happens.

Directions & Parking: See our map. Cars and vans can park on the grass beside the main building or on Whitmore Street. Buses can park on any of the three roads surrounding the Space Centre. Your bus driver may like to drive around the whole triangular block before choosing exactly where to park (it's a small block).

Health & Safety: Download our RAMS (PDF). Find more compliance information and documents here.

More Info...

  • There are two toilets in the main building. The female toilet doubles as the disabled toilet.
  • We have areas to store schoolbags if required.
  • The building is accessible to wheelchairs.
  • Please let us know about any guests with special needs.