Space Dave

Space Dave

Dave Owen is "Space Dave"—astronomer, teacher and fanatic space enthusiast. Dave has been passionate about space for as long as he can remember and he loves sharing his enthusiasm with others. That's why he built Te Awamutu Space Centre.

Dave spends most of his time working at the Space Centre but he also runs occasional sessions at Hamilton Observatory (operated by Hamilton Astronomical Society, of which Dave is a past president).

Dave runs the Space Centre's Facebook page and YouTube channel. He goes through phases of writing for other publications, e.g. the syndicated newspaper column Your Night Sky with Space Dave.

Dave's astronomy distance learning sessions are enormously popular with schools and other groups around the world. If you drive past the Space Centre at 3am and notice that the lights are on, it's probably Dave running a class on the other side of the planet.

Dave with some of his telescopes
Dave with some of his telescopes
Pecha Kucha
Dave speaking at Pecha Kucha, Hamilton, 2012.

Contacting Dave

Before you contact Dave, please search this website to see if your questions have already been answered. If not, see our contact details.