Online Sessions with Space Dave

My name is Dave Owen, AKA Space Dave, space educator and owner of Te Awamutu Space Centre. As part of my work I run online sessions with schools, scouts and other groups all over the world.

If you're already familiar with these sessions, you can go straight to the booking form. Otherwise, keep reading for more information...

How it works

The format is a video conference meeting in which I usually begin with an introductory presentation, followed by questions and discussion from participants. However, this is completely flexible and you can do whatever you want with the meeting time. Let me know if you have specific topics or questions you'd like to cover. For more detailed information, see topics we cover.


There isn't a fixed cost but I ask for a donation. This service is expensive to run and I need to average about $100 NZD (£50 or $70 USD) per session. If this is beyond your budget, you could try to get one or more other groups to join you in the session to spread the cost.

It's safer to wait until after the session to donate, just in case one of us has to cancel (or if you decide I'm not worth as much as you'd hoped). To donate, see the donation instructions.

Prepare for the session

I prefer to use Zoom but let me know if you'd rather use something else. In most cases, you schedule the meeting and invite me as a guest but I can host it if you prefer.

When telling your participants about me, you can describe me as an astronomy teacher and/or the owner of a space museum. Do not call me an astronaut or tell people that I've been to space! I have not been to space, I just study and teach it.

You can send me a list of questions before the session but please:
- No more than 20 questions in total (even 20 is a lot for a single session).
- Organize your questions into topics, removing duplicate questions and combining questions that are very similar.

If participants are joining separately (e.g. from their homes), then...

The session

A standard session goes for about 50–60 minutes. If you want more time than this, let me know when you book.

If possible, I like to join the meeting with you and any other leaders about 5 to 10 minutes before the scheduled start time. This gives us a chance to check that everything is working and to go over the plan. However, it's not critical that we do this. In some cases I join the meeting half way through; for example, you may want to do some other activities before I join.

I can take questions throughout the session. It's helpful if you can keep an eye out for participants with their hands up, and prompt me to take questions from those who've been waiting longest.

Note: My video feed is wide-screen format (16x9) rather than the more square-shaped (4x3) screen size. Please make sure your screen is set to show the whole wide-screen format. Hopefully you or someone on your team will know how to do this, but let me know if you need help with it.


If you have questions, please do me a big favour and check back through all the information above carefully, including any relevant links, to see if your questions have already been answered on these pages. If not, contact me.

How to book a session

Go to our booking page and follow the instructions.