Book an Online Session

Use the form below to request a virtual meeting with Space Dave, but please read the following notes first:

Unfortunately, demand for Dave's time is far greater than the time he has, so not everyone will be able to make a booking. You can help by combining groups or classes into a single session wherever possible, and avoid booking for groups of fewer than 20 participants.

After you set your time zone below, you'll see a calendar with the available session times. Although we offer sessions in all time zones, popular times get booked quickly so the calendar is often left with only a small number of unpopular times. If you can't find a suitable time, we're sorry but all you can do is check back periodically for updates. Please do not ask for times that aren't on the calendar, or ask when new times will be available, or ask to go on a waiting list (we've tried that and it doesn't work).

UPDATE — 9th January 2021: Dave is almost fully booked for January, especially for European and US time zones. There are still some times available in February but the good slots are going fast. March sessions should begin appearing on the calendar from late January.