Exhibits & Activities

Here are some of the things you can see and do at the space centre....

Human Space Flight

Museum / History of Space Flight

The main museum area features a timeline of human and robotic spaceflight. The display incorporates a small but fascinating collection of genuine artifacts from the space programme.

Living in Space

A look at everyday life for astronauts, with answers to common questions such as how do you go to the toilet in space? and how long would you survive in a vacuum?

The Universe

The Universe

This photo display begins with images and information about our solar system, followed by an illustrated map of the Milky Way, local superclusters and the wider Universe.

Interactive computers

Interactive Displays

Our interactive stations include a solar system explorer, live night-sky viewer, video viewer and more.

Fun and very educational for all ages and abilities.


Space Academy

You can tackle various challenges and earn a badge with your "astronaut wings".

Please note that this activity is not normally available for school groups and certain other types of group bookings.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

Try the latest in VR technology!


Research Projects

In the future we hope to set up some genuine scientific research projects, albeit on a very small scale. In the meantime we are active in the BOINC research community, using our computers to run astronomy-related research for scientists around the world.

See also: Live feeds