Interactive Displays

Interactive activitiesTouchscreen

We have a selection of interactive activities at the Space Centre, including:

Solar System Explorer

Visit planets, moons and spacecraft. Zoom in and see objects from any angle.

Sky Viewer

See what's happening in the sky right now, or plan ahead to find out what things are visible in the night sky over the coming weeks.

Lunar Lander

An arcade-style game in which you have to land the Lunar Module safely on the Moon. This activity teaches the principle of thrust vs gravity.

Video Viewer

Watch videos about space, e.g. How to become an astronaut, what it's like living in space, etc.

Age/Weight Calculator

Calculate your age and weight on other planets.

Sounds From Space

Listen to different sounds made by astronomical objects. This is a great activity for people with visual impairments.

Paper Activities

We have a supply of paper-based activities such as crosswords, word-searches, mazes, join-the-dots, etc.

Virtual Reality

We have a free VR demo as well as a paid VR experience. More details.

Other Activities

For private bookings and special events we have more options available, depending on weather and various other factors. For example: