Have artificial structures been found on other planets?

No. So far we’ve only found natural features in space.

Many people claim to have evidence of artificial structures on other celestial bodies, frequently in the form of photos supposedly taken by NASA. These photos are said to depict buildings, statues, launch sites, etc. A famous example is the “Face on Mars”, shown below in a photograph from NASA's Viking space probe in 1976:

When you look at such a photo, the first question to ask is whether it's a real photo. If you're not sure, you can contact us here at Te Awamutu Space Centre.

If it's a real photo, chances are that the alleged structure is blurry or otherwise unclear, and it's down to the viewer's interpretation. You'll want to find interpretations from people who have studied planetary science or geology. In many cases they can immediately identify common natural structures. The Face on Mars, for example, turned out to be a type of hill called a mesa that we also have on Earth. Here is a hi-res photo:

Below is a wider view of the area in which the "face" is located. This area is called Cydonia, in the northern hemisphere of Mars. Zoom in and see if you can find the face.