Distance Learning for Space and Astronomy

Options for schools, home educators, and anyone interested in learning about space.

Using binoculars for star-gazing

Activity 1: Watch Video(s)

We are producing a series of videos that will be available on our YouTube channel. If you can't use YouTube, let us know and we'll get you the videos some other way.

In most cases we recommend that you and your students start by watching the video below. You can do this together at school, or students can watch at home. 40 minutes long, the video features Space Dave introducing some important basic concepts of astronomy. It's suitable for all ages from about 7 to adult, although you can try it with younger students too.

During the video, Dave occasionally asks a question and a "pause" icon appears. If you like, you can pause the video at this point to discuss the question, then unpause to get the answer and continue. This is purely optional.

Activity 2: Live Video Session/Meeting

We can connect via any common meeting software such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, etc. If you're not sure which software to use, the Ministry of Education offers some guidance at its website.

The format is generally "Q&A" but if you have other ideas about how to utilise your time with Dave, let us know. You can send us questions beforehand and/or ask spontaneous questions throughout the session.

Before we schedule a meeting, please copy and paste these questions into an email or message, and send the answers to Dave:

We also run occasional sessions that are open to the general public, so you and your students can join these as well if you wish.

Activity 3: Worksheets

We have follow-up worksheets available in PDF format. These include questions, activities, puzzles, etc.

More Resources

See the Resources section of this website.

Contact Us

If you have questions or you'd like to book as session, please contact Dave.